Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi, I'm New Here!

So I thought I'd give this blogging thing a try. I have successfully made it through the off season (almost), and with less than two weeks to go until preseason, I have managed to not go completely crazy.

One might ask, how did a Southern girl get so obsessed with hockey? Football is pretty much king in the south, especially in Tennessee, where you live and die with the Vols and the Titans. Don't get me wrong, I love football, it's considered blasphemy here if you don't. However, slowly but surely, hockey has taken over the number one spot in the "sports I love" category. It happened before I even knew what hit me. I had been a casual observer. You know, going to a game here and there, catching it on TV if there was nothing else on.

Then came the 2007-2008 season. I went to a few games here and there with my dad, got some free tickets from others, and the more I learned about the game, the more I wanted to go. So, in late March through the end of the regular season in April, I got to witness some of the most awesome displays of sport I had ever seen. It was coming down to the wire, and the push for that playoff spot was on. I was into it... really, really into it. And then it happened. The most spontaneous act I had ever witnessed. April 3rd, 2008. We were playing the St. Louis Blues and really needed the win. I was totally into the game by now, yelling and screaming until I thought my throat would bleed (not supposed to yell at all, but that's another story for another time). Then, in the third period, it happened. There was a TV timeout, but before any of the usual filler used during the timeouts could be cued up, the arena started rocking. Fans on their feet, waving the free T-shirts we had received upon arrival to the game. It was sooo loud, and the ovation continued throughout the entire timeout. You could tell it really pumped our boys up, and I couldn't shake the chills it gave me to witness that (in fact, I'm getting them now just thinking about that moment). It was by far the most awesome thing I had ever witnessed as a sports fan.

Of course, after the game, I told my dad in the little bit of voice I had left, that if we made it in, I would be at the playoff games come hell or high water. We got in, and, luckily, our company had a special offer to purchase playoff tickets. I bought them right up and convinced a friend to go to. Not so luckily, we had to face the Detroit Red Wings (or, as they're lovingly known here, the Dead Things). Dad already had his tickets, so we just had to meet up during intermissions. Watching those first two games on TV from Detroit was painful. I had officially begun to live and die with every shift.

The two games that followed were AWESOME (except for that whole Radulov/Arnott concussion thing). Then, total heartbreak as we lost in our barn to end our season. I felt so dejected. But, with that, the addiction had begun. You hear addicts say it only takes a few hits or a few drinks to get hooked. Well that was me, completely hooked.

So, when the 2008-2009 season came around, Dad suggested we try out one of the Pick 10 packs. We ended up going to 20+ games last season, and my addiction became stronger than ever. I began to formulate a plan. I talked up hockey more and more with my dad- really worked him over good. Then the Predators announced the 2/20 season ticket plan. All my pushing and prodding paid off. I am officially a season ticket holder for the next two years!

I figured I'd try to write about my experiences this season, and possibly use this blog as an out outlet for any other random thing I feel like sharing. If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy it. If no one reads this, at least I'll have my own little memory book in cyberspace! Until the next time.....

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  1. Good Job. We all want to see as many blogs with a diversity of opinion as possible. I added you to the Preds Aggregator.