Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Less Than 48 Hours...

I can't wait! The puck drops in Nashville in 2 days! Even if it is pre-season, it's still hockey.

Sounds like Colin Wilson may be the real deal, scoring in both rookie games in Atlanta. Hope to see him Thursday!

The Kessel rumors are gaining steam, and although I have no idea about salary caps and the CBA, it would be nice to have a proven goal scorer on the team. Imagine him on a line w/ Leggy & Erat....

I hate that I have not had the opportunity to attend training camp @Sportsplex. However, several of the other Preds bloggers have been there and have written great recaps of the action. And, unfortunately, I'll miss most of the PredsFest activities due to work. Stupid job- work should not interfere with my addiction, but I have to pay for those tickets somehow!

Still haven't received my tickets and I am getting a little more than antsy. If they are delivered UPS I will not be able to get them until Friday due to my work schedule. Maybe I can leave early tomorrow to see if they have attempted to deliver them. I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting on Santa to bring me gifts! Did I mention I'm excited??

Sorry for the short, rambling post tonight, but it's almost time for bed. Until next time....

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