Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buffalo Sabres & Edmonton Oilers

What a crappy couple of nights in Smashville. Saturday night brought the Sabres to town, and way too many of their fans to our barn. True, it's butts in the seats, but I can't stand when the opposing team's fans are as loud as we are. Pekka got the start, and was pretty much the only person who showed up for our team in a 1-0 loss in the final minutes of the game. 40 saves on 41 shots is pretty damn impressive. We looked flat out there, and to me, it was a yawner of a game. Maybe I was just tired from work, but I didn't feel any excitement at all. Not to mention I sat next to the world's most annoying child (and his equally annoying father) and had to bite my tongue all night.

Mike Grier's goal took what little life was left out of the building. Our top line had some close shots there at the end, but nothing fell. I give them props for shooting the puck and being the only line so far to score any goals. Pekka stood on his head and did all he could to keep us in the game. We were just outplayed. Buffalo did a great job of keeping the puck away from us, and outshot us by a pretty good margin (not a stats junkie, so I don't have the exact numbers- I leave that to Dirk). My take on shots is to keep shooting- something has to fall! (Maybe I'm wrong, as you will read later). Overall a disappointing loss, but we can't win them all.

Monday night brought the Edmonton Oilers to town. Little Baby Predator Colin Wilson was finally going to make his debut with the big boys. I rushed home from work to get my camera so I could get some pics of this.... one day I can say I was there when he started his career. We get downtown and went to park in our usual lot. Major problem- our lot was being used for valet parking for the Symphony Center (not even gonna try to spell the name!) The valet working the lot was mute, and the frustration began to set in- he couldn't tell us why we couldn't park, and time for pics at warmups was running out. The beginning of a bad night- should've recognized the sign. We get parked and I hightailed it into the arena and down to a section on the glass- only to see 3 players getting ready to leave the ice-none of them being Wilson. I hear he looked excited and comfortable, and I'm pretty ticked that I missed it. Luckily Shannon got some pics, and is going to email them, but it's not the same. I did get some of his first official shift, though.

Grabbed a drink & headed to the seats. I don't know much about our history against the Oilers, but I knew that they aren't one of the best teams, so I'm thinking this should be a decent game. Boy was I wrong. The most entertaining part of the first period was watching Triston Grant & Stortini go at it. I don't know what started it, but pretty good fight. It went on longer than I expected, with both guys looking pretty tired at the end. By the end of the first period, we were down 4-0, Peks was pulled, and I was off to find another drink.

I'm not gonna go into all the details of the rest of the game- Pred Nation already knows the story. My theory on shots was shot down, though, as we outshot the Oilers by a 2-1 margin. and lost 6-1. Jason Arnott with the lone goal, and the top line keeps its scoring streak alive. I was surprised to see Erat shoot as much as he did, but ice dancing seems to be his favorite sport, still. Hamhuis is really struggling, he and Klein don't communicate well. I know their pairing is new to them, but they need to figure something out. Legwand was his usual crappy self. I just don't understand. I thought Wilson tried hard, as did Ward. Peks & Elly both gave up the goals, but I can't place the blame entirely on them.... no defense, no one helping out. No offense, no one hardly going to the net, missing breakaways, over passing. It's gonna be tough to win another one in Dallas Wednesday, and then the talent heavy Blackhawks come to town Thursday. I hope we can get it together. We can't afford to start slow like we did last year, only to have to make it up in the second half of the season. I know it's only the 4th game, but with the wonky schedule due to the Olympics, we have to do better. Last night=massive fail. I hope the rest of the week is better.

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