Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Time!!!!

Finally, the puck drops for real tonight in Dallas. So excited to get this season started!!! Ellis gets the start over Rinne and away we go...

Arnott playing pretty good here in the first, a goal and (OMG) some HITS!!! I had to use the rewind on the DVR to see it again!

What is with the Care Bears on the back of Ellis' helmet?

Way to kill that 5 on 3... need to watch the penalties.

Ellis looking pretty sharp so far. Legwand & Erat, not so much. Liking Goc & Bouillon so far. Think we should yell Goc-ya (Get it, gotcha) after he scores! Pretty good period by our guys going into the first intermission.

Second period slump....Dallas is all over us.

Hope JP is ok, don't need him to have a concussion. Is it too much to ask that we get to keep our top line together for a while????

Glad Hammer seems ok.

Wow, we really look bad this period. The puck has been in their end way too much.

SULLY!!!!! The best way to get back at them for the hit on JP is to score!

Noooo.... I hate when we give up goals in the waning seconds of the period. They were all over us this period, hitting hard and bringing the pressure. Need to come out hard in the 3rd!

Elly- I love you, but stop trying to play the puck. Just like that, tie game. Dallas not laying off.

Stupid penalties..... keep your stick on the ice!

Nice save, Elly.

Dangit, Jonesy!

Good penalty kill, and great job by Suter to get the puck and put it on net.

More hits by Arnott! Loving it!

We look rough!

WOW!! Just an inch away!! Great idea from Arnott to Hornqvist

Penalty to Dallas for slashing.

Keep the pressure on!

Where the crap was the penalty? Tripping, much?

Going to OT... let's do this!

PP still needs work, but what else is new?

Bad call, that was not a hook.

Looks like Modano is hurt.

Good pressure, where has that been for the last two periods?

Survived the OT..... now for the most nerve wracking thing in all of sports....the shoot out. Sully, Goc, and Legwand get the call.

Sully is denied by Turco, but Neal is denied by the dreaded pipe. Ellis never saw that one.

Goc close, but no cigar. Ellis gives up the goal.

Legwand scores!!! Tied up, but Richards up for the Stars. Ellis with the stop!

Erat turned away by Turco. Mike Modano's "back injury" sure did heal quickly, but Ellis with the stop again.

Santorelli up.... and HE SCORES!!!!!

ELLIS!!!!! What a save!!!

And the Predators start the season with a WIN!!! The best thing... we have more points than the Red Wings!!!! LOL!

Hate that we gave Dallas a point tonight, and we GAVE them those goals. Wonder if Peks gets the start next Thursday? We need to work on shots--- we got outshot badly tonight. Impressed with Arnott's play tonight- glad to see him using that big body! Need to get back home, get JP healthy, and get ready for the Avs. I'm so excited!!!! Coming up--- four home games. Wouldn't miss them for the world.

Until next time.....

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