Friday, October 16, 2009

Preds vs. Blackhawks (The "Brother Can you Spare a Dime" Edition)

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks came to town. Usually I'm not so worried about playing them, we usually play well against them. Right now, though, we are not playing good hockey, so it had the potential to be a disaster and I went in a little apprehensive. I was especially excited to be there, though, as it was Steve Sullivan night! In my short time as a Preds addict, I had heard great things about the man we call Sully, but for the first little while, it was all legend as I had never seen him play. I was there last January as he made his remarkable comeback to hockey, and from then on, he has been my favorite. It was so awesome to see him recognized not only by our fans, but by the NHL for his perseverance. It's been such an honor to meet him and have the ability to personally thank him for coming back to our organization. Not to sound too fangirly, but when Sully tweeted "House not for Sale" on his twitter account (@sully26 if you want to follow him) I was literally jumping up and down in my office! So, thanks Sully, for feeding my addiction even more, and congratulations to you for the Masterson win and for willing your way back onto the ice. You are an inspiration, and will always be this fan's favorite!

Now, onto the game. Little Baby Predator Colin Wilson made his first NHL start tonight! So excited for him. I really like the WWE line the more I see them together. It won't be long (preferably sooner than later!) that these guys start clicking and scoring some goals. I thought we came out hungry in the first period, and for the most part, stayed hungry.

Unfortunately, Chicago took advantage of us and scored two quick goals. Shades of Monday & Wednesday came back in a hurry, and the life went out of the arena. The guys kept fighting, and finally, we got on the board with a goal from Marty (Spinderella, Tiny Dancer) Erat. Just like that, we were right back in it. The guys kept fighting, but a late goal by Chicago sealed the deal, and we lose 3-1. I felt better about this loss (if you can feel good about a loss) because we played hard for the most part, and didn't get the wind knocked completely out of us when they went up 2-0. 12 shots on goal, though, is not good enough. I saw several "whiffs" out there, and puck management was off all night.

Random thoughts:
Goc looked pretty good

Is it time to split Suter & Weber up? Maybe pair one good D man w/ a lesser D man?

The guys looked too tense- and I know they should be with the way things are going right now. But, it seemed to me like they were playing scared. I agree with what Rachel said @ What the Puck.... remember what it was like to play as a kid? No worries, playing for fun. We need to get back to that. (Hope you don't mind me using your words!) I know this is the "Big Time"- but you can be too loose or too tense at times. Play YOUR game guys! It's gonna get better. I believe.

What's up w/ the wave? I think it's time for all sports teams to retire the wave. Really, it's lame.

A big thank you to the guy by the penalty box who taunted Patrick Kane with money. Hilarious. I tweeted Paul McCann to ask the crew to play "Brother Can You Spare a Dime" for Mr. Kane, but no luck. So thank you, Mr. Taunter, for at least getting a dig in on Kane.

Up next, the Capitals. I'm really ticked that we aren't showing the game locally. Love him or hate him, Alex Ovechkin is a joy to watch (personally I like the guy), and I'm jealous of those who traveled to Washington to see the game. Even if it was on, my women's sorority (Delta Zeta chapter of Beta Sigma Phi) is hosting a poker tournament fundraiser Friday night, so I'll be busy. Maybe I can sneak in my pocket radio so I can keep up. Hope we play better and get a little confidence back. Two weeks is a long time to wait for a home game, so give us something to look forward to when you get back!

Until next time....

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