Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preds vs. Bruins

Colin Wilson returns to Boston tonight- hope he does well! I'm jealous of my friends John, Mike, and Ed who are 17 rows behind the penalty box tonight. Two weeks is just too long between home games! Will miss Arnie tonight, but no excuses, guys. Boston is playing w/out Savard (another blow to my fantasy team...) and I guarantee they will bring it hard. Our guys need to bring it harder!

Period 1:
Like the intensity I'm seeing so far. Legwand is actually looking good! He played awesome against the Bruins when they were here in February, so hopefully he will find his rhythm tonight. Awesome goal by Smithson- Legwand made the move and Smitters was there to bury it! Klein- please don't shoot from the blue line. Glad to see them trying something new on D- splitting up Weber & Suter. I love them together, but I am interested to see how this works, since I wrote about it in a previous post (and I didn't get to see it Saturday night). Tim Thomas is an outstanding goalie- just robbed Shea with an awesome glove save. WOW!!! Look at Colin mixing it up! Way to hold your own, kid! O'Reilly robbed by the post- that was a hard shot!!! Great first period! Good discipline and pretty good hockey. Nice to go into intermission with the lead! Congrats, Cody Franson on your first NHL point (assist).

Period 2:
Seconds in, the Bruins have scored. The linesman should be credited with an assist. Let's not have our second period slump!! Good play in front of the net by Weber. We need more people in front of the net. (As I say that, JP almost buries one) Great presence in front of the net this power play- we didn't score, but I thought we played that one well. WOOO HOOOO!!! Hornqvist- nice job of driving it in instead of the old "dump & chase"! Wilson in great position on that one. Goal goes to Wilson- his first NHL goal! Great that it came in Boston with his friends & family there. It was only a matter of time before he scored. I hope to see a LOT more of that from him. So far, I'm still liking the intensity, and loving that the kids (Wilson, Franson, Hornqvist) are killing it tonight! Great idea on the backward pass by Smithson, but nobody home. I'd love to see Wardo get a goal tonight. Just like that, tied again. We are playing much better than recent games, but the power play is still struggling. At least we're taking more shots. I'm hearing Erat's name a lot tonight- in a GOOD way! Good second period. Hate that we let them back in the game, but this may be the best I've seen the entire team play this season so far. Hope we keep the heat on in the third!

Period 3:
Well we made it through a little more than 40 minutes without a penalty, pretty good discipline for our guys. Great job on the penalty kill with no shots for the Bruins. Sullivan is playing hard- wish something would fall for him. Another penalty for us- hope we didn't save all of them for the third. Boston is playing really hard so far. Another good penalty kill by us, and again no shots for the Bruins. I always forget just how BIG Zdeno Chara is until he parks himself in front of the net. Congrats to Wade Belak on game #500. The footage of him manning the drive-thru at McDonald's was kinda funny. Bruins take the lead as another referee gets in the way. Wonder how he'll feel tomorrow after big Shea Weber ran him over. We look really frazzled and a little sloppy now. Need to regroup and play like we did the first two periods. Nice shot by Klein- I hope he can turn things around after his really rough start this season. A lot of hard hitting this period by both teams. Erat so close! Nice rush to the net again. Scatchard seems to have a big target on him, seems like the Bruins have been after him all night. Good rush at the net, but time just ran out on us. Preds lose 3-2.

Overall, I think we played much better. A "complete" game, if you will. We just need to build on this. I saw some real fight in our guys tonight, and, even though we lost, we can take some positives from this and hold our heads up. A loss sucks, but I can deal with a loss if we are playing hard and trying! Tonight is definitely a loss I can stomach.

Don't know how much of tomorrow's game I will get to see. Hope I get home for at least half of it. Until next time....

P.S. I love Colin Wilson- his post game interviews make me smile :)

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