Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Campaigning for Change

I was going to write my next couple of posts on NHL players I love to hate and love in general (no, not that way!), but something more important has taken over tonight.

So, my friend Rebecca (@TigerPredsChick) finally vocalized what a lot of female fans are feeling these days. You see, as the game grows, the female fan base grows along with it, and not just because we think the players are hot or that we are trying to score with them. We are REAL fans, we love the game, love our team, and live and die with wins and losses, just like the guys do. The problem is, where the guys have unlimited access to hockey merchandise that fits, us ladies are at a loss, unless we want "girly, pink, sparkly" stuff. Don't get me wrong, I like pink. It's a nice color, but not my style for hockey paraphernalia (unless it's for cancer awareness). I like to support my team in THEIR colors, not some bedazzled cutesy jersey. Hockey is not cute, it's a kick ass sport. There are hits and fights, broken bones from Shea Weber slap shots, trash talk and name calling. Somewhere in this equation, I don't see pink jerseys. Besides, bloodstains would show up really well on pink and white.

So Rebecca finally became fed up with the limited access we female fans have to NHL merchandise and decided to do something about it. With help from some of us other lady fans, she started a movement that is slowly picking up steam. Via Facebook, a page was created to get other female fans to band together and show the NHL that we need more options.

This is a topic a lot of us are passionate about. Up until now, I have only owned "men's cut", mostly because that was all that would fit me. Now, I'm ready to purchase new, female cut merchandise, but the selection is lacking and the pricing is ridiculous. Not to mention that some of the stuff is just downright hideous. We want the same items you guys have, just in sizes made for us! Listen up, NHL, we have money to spend if you give us what we want!

The movement has begun...hopefully we can get the attention of the NHL and show them that women want to show their team pride too, just not in glitter and girly colors. Thanks to Rebecca for getting us started, and to Rachel (@racheladdison) & Angelica (@ReinaDeLaIsla) too! C'mon ladies (and gents) join us in making a statement to help market the greatest game on Earth! And if anyone wants opinions for merchandise women want (ahem, Preds front office), I know several great women that will be more than eager to help!


  1. Good luck with this. Team colors, feminine cut, a few more plus sized choices would be nice too. Hopefully the league will actually listen to its female fans this time.

  2. I'm all for this! I might even buy a few things myself... ummmm... For my wife, that is.

  3. I completely agree! I'm a petite 4'10", so all my Preds jerseys come to my knees! I don't want some pink thing, I want to wear my teams colors! And it doesn't have to be tightly fitted either - not all of us lady fans are skinny juniors sizes. Just cut them a little more femininely. Who knows, they might sell more.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments! I hope that we can persuade the NHL to make some changes in the way they market toward the female fan- there are a lot of us!! Feel free to add me on facebook or follow me on twitter @predsaddict. I hope to keep up with this blog a little better than I have previously, so check back!