Friday, August 13, 2010

What Women Want

Yes, guys, I'm sure you wish you knew! ;) But seriously, there has been a lot of talk the last few days regarding the "Campaign for Change"- the push to have NHL merchandise suppliers offer more choices to its female audience. I've seen comments like "Women are not the target demographic of the NHL". True, but if the NHL realized how many true, die hard, female fans there are, it might force them to take a closer look at the market.

There has been much made out of the "puckbunny" comments, and while I'm not one, all sports are going to have a certain group of female fans that follow sports for the hot guys. So why not offer them more options too? Whether they like the game or just go to drool over Shea Weber, they account for butts in the seats and dollars spent. I'm sure they'd like to have more merchandise to show their love for their favorite guy.

There has been talk of "Why don't you girls just buy kid's jerseys?" Well, that's all fine and good for the girls that can do that. But the fact of the matter is, the majority of women are not a size zero. I know I'm not!

A representative from Reebok wrote a response to a blog post on the "Chick Who Give a Puck" website, and that got a lot of discussion going. Some ladies took it as a slap in the face, others are ok with what was said. Me personally, I thought the article was somewhat biased & a little condescending. I know where to look for merchandise. I get a "Shop NHL" catalog in the mail, I go to my local sporting goods stores . I visit my team's pro shop (was actually just there yesterday, and let me tell ya ladies, the pickin's were slim to none- unless you wanted a pink, rhinestone covered, jersey). So, I don't need a rep from Reebok to tell me that I am oblivious to the fact that there are women's cut jerseys in team colors out there. I've seen them around, but jerseys are not the point of contention.

To prove my point, I went to to see what the breakdown of product looked like. I'll use the Predators page for reference since they are my team of choice. Here are the 41 items listed for the women's section (excluding jerseys): 17 of those items are not "clothing", but purses, jewelry, etc.

The jersey page: Out of 19 items, there are 3 women's jerseys. One is the new "champagne" style (*shudder*), one is the screen printed Ice Flirt style. Only one is an authentic style jersey.

Now to the men's page:
Out of 72 items, 21 are not clothing.

So you can see, the men have way more to choose from than we do. After my visit to the Bridgestone Arena yesterday to go to the pro shop, I can tell you that the selection is even more dismal there. I saw 1 ladies style shirt on a clearance rack, they had 1 women's 3rd jersey (in the window for display), the pink, rhinestoned jersey, and maybe 6 or 7 shirts. Of those, only one or two looked like they were for women, not little girls. That is not including a few hats/tote bags/general merchandise items. Of course the biggest selection right now is still the player
t-shirts that line the front window. Lucky for me I found a few shirts in a men's medium, so I didn't leave empty handed. It was just eye opening after talking to the other girls to see what kind of selection is really out there for us.

So, what DO women want? More sizes (including plus sizes), better quality merchandise, and most of all OPTIONS! No need to do away with the glitter & rhinestones, as that appeals to some women. But for the women who prefer traditional to glitzy, give us more options, please!

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